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About the Project

Helping Hand Project es el proyecto de Salud integral de Colors Sitges Link, Asociación LGTBIQ+. Es más aún. Es la propuesta de valor de nuestra asociación: ser la mano amiga del colectivo LGTBIQ+ en Sitges y su área de influencia geográfica.

En Colors Sitges Link consideramos la salud del colectivo nuestra primera y más importante tarea. Por ello es que creemos en la máxima del Healing Together (Sanando Juntxs) desde un punto de vista comunitario: del “tú a tú” al “nosotrxs, todxs juntxs”, construyendo una resiliencia colectiva desde dentro hacia afuera.

A three-dimensional project: physical health, mental and emotional health, and social and legal health

Physical Health

Being physically healthy is very important to function well at all levels. Our group is
especially vulnerable to STDs, due to the way we experience sex. From Colors Sitges Link, we
launched the Rapid Test Service for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis C last year, with very good results.

We are also linked to the health services of Els Camils ​​Hospital, Bellvitge Hospital and the Fundació Lluita Contra la Sida. In addition to the “condom and lube” campaigns, as a means
of spreading protection, we have reached the point where our campaign is based on the
following principles: Protect, Test, Treat and Repeat, what we call “The Safe Sex Cycle“.

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental and emotional health is one of the major issues to work on in our project. In this second dimension, we have The Addictions Project and the Emotional and Psychological Support Service. Healing the wounds of our personal stories and the stigmas related to our community is one of our main tasks.

The control and treatment of addictions, such as alcoholism or Chemsex (drug use linked to sexual relations), is an open front in our community that is reaching really troubling levels. It facilitates the spread of STDs and destroys people at all levels.

But this fact is the symptom of a greater evil: the systemic loneliness established in the LGTBIQ + community, as a stigma and a belief ingrained in our minds. This leads to low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, among other illnesses, which make us even more vulnerable to addictions, self-destructive behaviours and toxic personal relationships.

In this second dimension we have the Addictions Project, the Emotional and Psychological Support Service, and the Circle of Resilient Men (CRM).

Social and Legal Health

Integration, diversity, social cohesion and the defense of our rights become our third dimension. Culture, sport and legal advice, as well as the representation of our community at an institutional level, are the spearhead of our raison d’être. This dimension is made up of the Legal Advice Service, Sports Groups (paddle tennis, beach volleyball and hiking), the LGTBIQ+ Senior Group, the LGTBIQ+ Youth Group and the LGTBIQ+ Family Project.