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Helping Hand Service Alcoholism

Either for yourself or to help your friend or loved one.

“Have you ever been told you drink too much? ”
"When you start, can you stop?"

Yes. These two questions are familiar to you. Either because they were directed at you or because you yourself have used them  to try to help someone you care about. If so, you need help. Either for yourself or to help your friend or loved one.

Attention, advice and support

From Colors Sitges Link, through our Helping Hand Project, we make available to our community a care, advice and support service, in order to reverse this harmful effect of the use and abuse of alcohol, directed by Toni Gata, a registered psychologist specializing in drug addiction and alcoholism.

An added problem

It is clear that alcohol consumption is socially accepted, and more so in our leisure spaces. Any excuse is good for a few drinks, to have a beer or to taste a good wine. Whether it is a celebration, a meeting, an afterwork or any other event, it is intrinsically associated with alcohol consumption.

The dangers of the LGTBIQ+ leisure offerings

With these facts in mind, it is entirely mathematical that the business fabric of an LGTBIQ + friendly place, such as Sitges, is focused, for the most part, on favoring this consumption. Without wishing to criticize this exploitation of the market, we must bear in mind the dangers involved.

Alcoholism: a false refuge and a catastrophic symptom

This systemic loneliness, associated with the LGTBIQ + groups that we intend to address in this project, turns alcoholism into a false refuge and a catastrophic symptom that affects more and more people in our community.

Institutional support

The Helping Hand Project service has the support of the Agència de Salut Pública de la Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as the Ajuntament de Sitges.

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