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Emotional and Psychological Support Service

The systemic loneliness of the LGTBIQ+ community

The origin of everything

Drugs, alcohol,
depression, anxiety,
low self-esteem,...

We can continue treating the symptoms, and we can treat its origin:

The systemic loneliness of the LGTBIQ + community

Drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, … are all symptoms of the systemic loneliness to which we are doomed, due to the stigmas that have historically been assigned to us.

These burdens that we all carry in our community are a burden that accompanies us in all our vital processes, to which increasingly heavy stones are added.

In our Emotional and Psychological Support Service you will be assisted by a registered professionals psychologist:

  • Carlos Isaza (registered number 31991 with the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia), a psychologist specialized in the healthcare, sexology, and couples therapy fields. His professional practice encompasses the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of adults, couples, and adolescents, from an ethical, critical, and empathetic perspective that takes into account the uniqueness of each individual and their personal values.
  • Howard Simmons, MS, EdS, LPC (license number Department 0701011452 Virginia Sanitary Professions (EUA), a psychotherapist and assessor specializing in emotional health and LGTBI + topics.
  • Araceli Esparducer i Broco (collegiate No. 25220 of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia), psychologist specialising in the LBT+ group.
  • Jon Arcelus (Professor of Mental Health and Wellbeing), transgender and gender-diverse health practitioner.

They will help you deal with various issues such as the following:

  • In processes of acceptance of sexual orientation or your gender identity, both individually and as a couple or in the family. Having the right support and professional guidance is the best option.
  • If you have been diagnosed HIV positive or need to talk about living with the virus and the social and psychological stigma attached to it, you don’t have to go through it alone and in silence. An expert ear will always be the best option to help you deal with this issue.
  • Growing up and being LGTBIQ + visible and totally out of the closet is a new historical paradigm we are facing for the first time. This topic can be a tough nut to crack, and having the support of a psychologist can not only be beneficial for you, but it can help us to create protocols to pave the way for colleagues who will come after you, from the utmost discretion and anonymity.
  • Bumps and changes in life are always complicated for anyone. If we add to this the psychological burdens of our community, things can get even more complicated. Having the right professional psychological support is more than necessary.
  • If the pandemic situation has increased  your anxiety and has led you to dangerous and/or unwanted routines than you would like, having the support of our psychologist is the beginning to leave it behind.

We heal our wounds together

From “You to You” to “Us, All Of Us Together” is the evolutionary process we need to put an end to the loneliness established in our own DNA.

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