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Helping Hand Chemsex

Whether for yourself or to help your friend or loved one.

"Could you have sex without taking drugs?"
"Do you have to get high to feel sexy?"

Yes. These two questions are familiar to you. Either because they were directed at you or because you yourself have used them yourself to try to help a loved one. If so, you need help. Whether for yourself or to help your friend or loved one.

‘Chemsex’ on the rise: sexual practice that raises the risk of infection, addictions and poor mental health

Experts warn of a boom in problematic drug use among men who have sex with men to maintain long sex sessions. Healthcare admits its “growing concern” for this practice and healthcare professionals are urging more healthcare resources to address it. (Jessica Mouzo, diario El País, 31 oct. 2021)

Care, advice and support

From Colors Sitges Link, through our Helping Hand Project, we make available to our community a service of care, advice and support to reverse the harmful effect of Chemsex, led by a registered psychologist specializing in drug addiction , Toni Gata, with extensive experience in treating users of these practices.

Defining Chemsex

Chemsex is the habit of using drugs in the context of sexual relations, usually between GBTQ people.

The dangers of Chemsex

This context of drug use provides a perfect backdrop for the relaxation of our warning and protection tools against the transmission of STIs. In addition, there is the problem of addictions to dangerous substances, coupled with the potential risk of mental pathologies and social isolation.

Institutional support

The Helping Hand Project service has the support of the Agència de Salut Pública de la Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as the Ajuntament de Sitges.

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